Golf Fitness A to Z
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My name is Dr. Dave Middleton. I have been successfully practicing in the health care business for nearly thirty years. I have treated hundreds of athletes ranging from ninety-pound ice skaters to 300-pound professional football players, weekend softball players to major league baseball players, guys who golf for a living and world long drive champions, and thousands of everyday people in between. I have reached a point in my career where I want to share the experience I have learned over the years; I want to improve not just the quality of your golf game but also the quality of your life.

What I have put together in "The A-Z of Golf Fitness" is a comprehensive overview of everything related to golf fitness and the options available to help you become a better, fitter golfer, eliminate those nagging aches and pains and improve your overall golfing experience.

In "The A-Z of Golf Fitness" we will be covering subjects that are very golf specific and some that aren't. For instance, if you are sleeping in the wrong position and wake up with a sore back you might be saying, "There goes today's golf." So, yes your sleeping position relates to golf! You'll be learning a broad spectrum of knowledge and even if you retain only a small portion you will be a better golfer and a healthier individual.

You are one of over 25 million Americans who participate in the game of golf. Whether you are a beginner, a weekend warrior, a competitive amateur, or a tour pro, you want to perform as well as you can and avoid the injuries or physical setbacks which detract from the enjoyment of your golf game.

Since you are reading this, or attending one of our golf fitness courses, you obviously want to improve your golfing experience. Our purpose here is to present you with a sensible and personal physical conditioning program that will enhance your playing ability and reduce your risk of injury. We will also show you ways to improve your general health and the quality of your life off the golf course.

Because you need to fully understand the fitness essentials for an optimum golf experience we will be taking you through anatomy, biomechanics, exercise, flexibility, golf-related injuries, nutrition, physiology, and even down to what shoes to wear. Get Your Copy of Golf Fitness A – Z

David Middleton - Golf Fitness

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